Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things to shout about. How cliche.

I do not know what this entry will be about,
I know only that I must say things,

and there is no one to listen.

I am sitting at work.
I shouldn't be writing,
I should be working,
but I am terribly, terribly tired of work,
and things that don't matter,
and I am twiddling my thumbs,
waiting for CSU to decide wether or not they want me.

It's possible that they would have already decided,
but I haven't had time to turn in my GED yet,
so who knows if they've even begun.

It is very difficult to get paperwork to the Registrar's office when you get off work at 4:30pm and the office closes at 5:00pm...and you are 20 minutes away.

No one likes the girl who shows up at closing time asking to be helped.

I feel so......strangled.

Not enough time to do anything important,
and the money I'm making seems to dwindle away before I even receive it.

I want to scream.

Dan and I are having dinner tonight with a couple that he met through a band or a venue or something. They are very interesting, fun people, and I've been around them and talked to them loads of times, but I am nervous. The little pod of Buvy that sits in the back of my brain and sprouts a new leaf everytime I come in contact with anything requiring manners is telling me to bake cookies or something to take, which I will do.....

after work, of course.
And hope I get it done in time.

But I can only hope that the evening will be fun,
and not just awkward.

Why do I still feel like a kid playing dress up when I do these things?

I am stepping out my shell though,
and not even admitting to being nervous.

It usually quells most of the inner shakes I get from going new places,
and no one ever really knows just how nervous I am.

I am very good at that game.

I should at least have a new vest to wear,
because the package I ordered from Forever 21 should be here very soon...
It is grey and pretty and will make me feel better (the vest, not the package).

As new things always do.

I'll be sure and let you (yes, you, non-exisistant reader) know how it goes.

It will be fine.
I know this.

1 comment:

  1. huff!

    I am not a non-existant reader.

    I am howMevah the only one of importance.

    and I always cringe when you mention "nice, interesting, FUN people"


    I say, stay home and eat those cookies in your new snuggy vest.

    You know you will be saying mean things in your head all night anyway:P


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