Saturday, February 26, 2011

You. No. Longer. Matter.

I want things to stop changing.
Even when it's so much better,
there's still a part of me that feels so detached until the new,
becomes familiar,
and I am no longer faced with anything from before.
And every time thoughts of what was,
or the words of people come and gone,
those who were once so very much a part of my life,
are staring me in the face,
especially when it takes me by surprise,
I just wish I could erase memories.
Those that hurt.
Those that remind me of what was,
all the good, and all the pain.
They are no longer a part of my world.

I only want what I have.
The beautiful man in my life,
the world we've created together,
even in such a short time,
and I wish for all the rest to fade away,
and leave me in peace.

just leave me in peace.

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