Monday, June 22, 2009


Do you ever get the itch to JUST GO SHOPPING,
only you're waiting on the debit card that your school was supposed to get to you LAST WEEK (which, by the way, they've just informed you that they hadn't even sent off for it yet),
so not only can you not shop,
or get pedicures (because this WILL happen),
but you can't even buy gas.

And "online window shopping" only makes you more irritated,
because you don't know if you wear a small or a medium,
because you gained weight.
So you need to be able to go to the actual store and try items on.

But you can't.
Because that would mean driving to Atlanta.
Which requires money.
Which you have none of because, as I believe I mentioned earlier,
your stupid school lied to you.



I have shopping fever.
It's going to kill me if I don't get some money soon.

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