Saturday, September 5, 2009

AmyKathryn Giveaway!

This adorable bag (pictured below)
is up for grabs at Just for Me...And You

I hadn't ever seen AmyKathryn bags until I saw this post,
but I have to tell you, they are beautiful.
Especially my favorite one (pictured at the top).
AmyKathryn's bags are eco-friendly AND animal-friendly.
and have been featured in several magazines,
including Life & Style, Veg News, and Orange Coast!

They're definitely worth a look at,
and you could even win the one pictured above by
going to JFM&Y's Giveaway!


  1. love your blog.

    those are super cute bags.

    i liked your comment, but i like you moreeeeeee.
    omg i have no idea where i can get taylor dresses from, they are so hippie chic and soo cuteee! :D
    but if you live in america, you get them from walmart - heaps cheap apparently.
    omg i like that bag you posted :D
    you are so cute, ily!

  3. I loveeee your blogs! Really, they are so fun to read.
    Anyway, I came to ask some advice about hair and hair color? You know how I wanted to go lighter? Well what hair products should I use, what dye, what system, (I want to do this at home, I'm a strugglin' money maker), what is the shampooing time limit before and after dying hair etc etc? Thanks for the help, lovely! I'll be talking to you soon.
    <3, Marylynn


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