Friday, September 25, 2009

Giveaway from HeatherlyMade & NataliexMarie :)

Hello lovelies! Greeting from Asheville :)
We are having a fantastic time and meeting tons of great people.
I actually left my laptop at home,
but I stole my moms for a little while,
and was greeting by the following giveaway....
HeatherlyMade and NataliexMarie
(two of my favorite people in the world)

are hosting a giveaway of some of
their fantastic handmade wares...

I am particularly excited for the winner of this giveaway
beacause of the button earrings
(of which, I have a pair of my own ;P)
and crocheted coasters (beautiful colors,
and you would win a set of four).

Click on either picture above to visit HeatherlyMade and
enter to win this giveaway for yourself!

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