Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is.

That first breath of fall air,
that randomly hit me throughout the day today,
renews something inside of me
that's been dormant since summer started.

Don't get me wrong,
I love the summer sun,
and the beaches,
and the freckles popping out on my skin,

but it is fall I love the best.

Fall with it's crisp air
and brightly colored leaves
that herald the holidays to come.

Fall is beautiful.
Fall is magic.

Fall is here.


  1. ooooooh I lurve this post. truly.
    fall is absolutely magical :]

  2. :) i love fall too. so much so i named doodle after it!!!
    i wanted to let you know, i've posted the give a way on my blog!! go check it out!! you'll love it!!!

  3. "but it is fall I love the best."

    me too! if only the weather
    here would catch up. it's still
    105 degrees during the day. :(



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