Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite #3 - L'Oreal Extra-Volume Mascara

Firstly, I just have to say, school has begun.
Thus, these posts are most likely going to be
every other day (as they have been so far :P)

With that said, let me introduce you
to #3 on my list of 15 favorites...

L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagene Mascara

Since it's relatively new to the cosmetic scene,
I only just purchased this mascara last week,
but let me tell you...
it does it all.

It has a super-sized ergonomical brush
that separates, lengthens, darkens, volumizes with collagen,
AND catches ALL the tiny corner hairs that are so hard to grab ;)
All of that, with no clumping.

It took me two coats to get my lashes as volumized as I like them to be,
but the very best part about this mascara was that it DOES NOT flake.
I wear it all day and by the evening my lashes still look
exactly the same as they did when I put it on.
No shadows of mascara particles under my eyes to be seen.

And that, to me and to anyone else
that suffers from having chronic
dark circles to contend with, is magical.

This stuff is just as good as anything you'd spend $40-$50 on
in a department store or beauty chain, but only costs about $7.

Plus the tube itself is pretty.

I mean, what's not to like?

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