Thursday, August 20, 2009

Favorite #4 - American Apparel Hoodie

The week is almost over! *phew!*

And it's time again for another of my favorites....

American Apparel's Unisex Flex-Fleece Hoodie

These hoodies probably hit my top three favorites.
SUPER soft. Great fit.

Words really can't express the luxury of these things.
I live in them.
Winter. Summer. Fall. Spring.
They're perfect for just about any occasion
(except formal ones, of course :) but even

They have tons of colors and sizes,
but they recommend getting a size smaller
than you think you need and I agree.
I usually wear a small, but the extra small fits me best.

This is on my list of "birthday wants" :)
(you can't have too many of them!)


  1. member that time we were buying a 3-pack of a.a. hoodies to share and you were getting two and me one because you were giving me your elephant hoodie only we never ordered them and I still somehow ended up with the elephant hoodie?

    i love us.

    and your profile pic is the cutest thing i've ever seen.
    makes me want to give up and start all over with depression.
    yes, its that cute.

    <3 sarasophia

  2. Cool blog! Thanks for the follow. I am surprised you don't have more followers!

  3. Thanks Caitlin :)
    I'm glad you like it.
    Yours is nifty too!


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