Monday, August 24, 2009

Guess what I got today!?

My package from Hyein at Christinas!
Firstly, I had no idea it would arrive so soon!

I gave KindOverMatter my address just a few days ago and it's already here :)

It came wrapped in tissue paper, tied with a cute striped string and little orange button.
Upon opening, I realize it's much too large to just be a notecard holder, and it was!

On top of the custom notecard holder,
(which says: there's a tough word on your crossword),
they've also sent me a steno-pad holder complete
with steno-pad, pencil,
and the cutest felt-acorn postcards I've ever seen :)

Please take a few minutes and visit Christina's on Etsy.

p.s. I apologize for the horrible picture quality...
I have yet to locate my digital camera and had to use photobooth :P


  1. LUCKY!!
    Perfect Etsy-fied school supplies.

    Can't wait to see them and ooh and ahh and steal<3

  2. these are just TOO COOL!
    (and cute too!) now i want some. <3


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