Monday, August 24, 2009

Favorite #5 - Victoria's Secret Love Spell

If you've ever tried it,
#5 on my favorites is pretty self-explanatory.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell

This stuff is like heaven in a bottle.
And 102% of men agree.

I'm addicted to the entire collection of Love Spell products.
Lotions, bubble bath, eu de parfum, body spray, hand sanitizer etc.
(now including shampoo, conditioner, and favorite part :P)

It's like a citrus candy scent,
but one that won't make you think of Barbie :)
And apparently, it's aptly named,
because I've yet to meet a man that doesn't adore it.

The best part is that almost 100% of the products in this line are each under $12,
so you can smell good, AND not have to break open the piggy bank to do so ;)

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