Monday, August 31, 2009

Jesus loves me.

So, I was trying to find something that would
sum up my current mood, and I came up with this:

What, do you ask, could possibly make me feel this way?
I'll give you one guess....
it's a three letter word that starts with J and ends with B.

I got a job.

After three months of looking, and applying, and waiting,
something finally came through.
I'm basically going to be a nanny for a family of three adorable children.
It's exactly what I've been praying for.
It's going to totally work with school,
and it's only a few days a week and I am...well...just see above.

God is amazing.


  1. You better have told them you have to have Wednesday and Thursday and Friday off of a certain month on some certain dates.

    Otherwise I'll be killing you dead.


  2. congratulations!!! that's great that you found a job that works with school.


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