Friday, August 28, 2009

Race to the city.

I want THAT to be the view out of my window.
I want to see THAT as I attempt to finish the
mounds of homework due IN THE MORNING.

I'm pretty sure it would make this a whole lot more fun ;)

Someday.....right Ethel?


  1. :) I love your blog too! Plus I really love the name!!!! Very cool!

  2. I'm Lucy.
    YOUR Ethel.

    Get it straight woman.

  3. mmm.
    right, ethel.
    remember our 3 month plan to live in all the BIG cities for 3 months. I realize now, that wouldn't have been long enough.

    p.s. my verification word is AFFIN. how funny.

  4. We will have a fairy kingdom.

    Just wait.

  5. Becky, Thanks! I appreciate that :)

    SaraSophia, I KNOW. I'm just retarded. And about that fairy kingdom...We need to get on that. ASAP.

    Heather, DEFINITELY not long enough. I have a feeling we would also have felt the urge to hit Chicago and San Francisco after our extended stay in NYC :)


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